Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Substitute Series: Introduction to Sparklers

Hello Sparklers! (Yes, that is the new ‘Brandi Dictionary’ term for the Add a Little Sparkle viewers!)

I am very excited to share with you my new project for Thursdays. It will be called, "The Substitute Series." What I will do each Thirsty Thursday is post alternatives for wedding details, décor, attire, etc. I want to help shape your day into exactly what you as a couple have envisioned and stand for! Don’t be scared to run off the beaten path – it’s fun and you might discover that the idea you weren’t welcome to in the beginning turned out to be the highlight of your day! And if you’re not getting hitched you can also just enjoy the pretties right? J

I also was feeling as though my blog was just a lot of posting of weddings and not much Brandi (and we love Brandi right? Can I get a loud Hell Yeah!?). I will still, of course, post beautiful-quirky-eclectic weddings and I will take requests (I love requests!) Posting weddings and having you view all the neat themes and ideas couples have is AWESOME but I also want to share with you my journey to fulfill my bucket list and other daily challenges/blessings. I hope you’re in for it! I promise it will be a fun ride.

p.s: keep your eye out for instructions to land yourself Add a Little Sparkle’s first ever FREE giveaway! 5 lucky Sparklers are in for some REAL delight.

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