Thursday, October 13, 2011

Miranda, Wedding Party, Wedding Date, etc.

This past weekend I went to the Miranda Lambert concert. It was my fourth concert of hers and damn does she ‘wow’ me every time. Does it get better than drinkin’, singin’ and dancin’ “redneck chick” style?  Trust me, it doesn’t – her concerts are a blast. And what I have learned at her last 3 concerts standing front row? That it’s not fun to drink 100+ ounces of Captain Morgan and/or Coors Light and have to pee so bad you can’t enjoy yourself. To push, shove and trudge through all the other drunk fans to and from the bathroom. So I did what most any logical person would do and wore a grown up diaper. A “dipey” if you will.

Oh and I almost forgot Justin Moore (who the hell…?) opened for Miranda and boy was he good too! He sings “small town usa” and “if Heaven wasn’t so far away” – He had me bawling like a little bitch when he sang that song. The part I love most is it’s a song about real feelings and real emotions based on true deaths that have affected his life and his friends’ lives. I felt close to Thomas again during that moment.

I have this picture of him after he sang this song. It looks like he’s crying too. I love this snapshot because you can tell he’s just so grateful for all of us and his opportunity to stand there and sing for a living. He’s soaking it all in. It was really touching in a redneck, cheesy; we’re all drunk kind of way. I have way more respect for that song now and I cry every time I’ve heard it since. (it won't rotate on here so I can't share! sad face)
The following night was my best friend, Bre’s, moving-to-TX 60s, 70s, 80s themed party bus. Wanna know something funny? 2 of my best friends are my ex boyfriends sisters – she being one of the 2 sisters. Guess who we ran into at the first bar? My ex. Keep in mind I wore a pink carebear costume for the 80s theme and I was covered head to toe in mud from rolling around on the bus floor from being so drunk. Carebear shit show basically. So I guess my ex gets the last laugh. He always did! Picture if you saw your ex randomly and they were 70 lbs heavier than the last time you saw them and they were wearing a pink sweat suit with ears and the carebear tummy with mud all over and morgan diet stains. Yup, even I think that’s pretty pathetic! Haha, oh well, it’s kind of funny even to me.

That night was filled with all sorts of other embarrassing drunken moments I prefer not to share. I’d like to forget I danced like an idiot and move on! J Especially ditching Bre at the end of the night..

As for our wedding, we finally have chosen a complete wedding party and there’s no going back! I am 100% satisfied and so happy with our group!

Fair Maidens: a group and/or clan of “chicks” close to the bride. Walking with a “hott buff dude” down the aisle.
Maid of Dishonor: Jennifhair Cornelius – bff forever of the bride (we always say BFF forever idk why..)
Bridesmaid: Brittany Merchen – sisthair of the bride.
Bridesmaid: Cassie Merchen – sisthair of the bride.

Soul Sisters: a new made up group by Brandi the bride. fine ass ladies who are sistas from another mista. Walking solo down the aisle.
SS: Bre Nuhsbaumhair – twinny twins – we share basically same thoughts, feelings, etc.
SS: Bethany Nuhsbaumhair – a funny lady who I can be myself silly or serious with! A true gem! Hehe
SS: Maggie Stern – lifetime friend who have hit too many major life milestones together. Couldn’t have made it w/o ya!

Groomsmen: buff hotties who walk some smokin’ sexy “chicks” down the aisle.
Best man: Nate Lenzen – mattchew’s only bro-ha.
Groomsman: Levi Seefeldt – brother of the bride (a total ladies man)
Groomsman: Joel Carpenter – brother of the bride (total sweetie stud – also a ladies man)

As for the date, we’ve changed it again (hold your groan and cut the crap cause I don’t wanna hear it.) Matt and I had a discussion (more of a meltdown for me) while he was boiling a coon head (right?!) out in the garage last night. Lately I’ve been freaking out a lot about school, work and the wedding AND my self esteem. It’s a lot to handle at one time and I was at a crossroad of sanity vs. losing it. So I asked him if he’d be upset if we pushed the date back and waited until 2013 (fingers crossed world hasn’t ended).

He was so sweet and trying not to chuckle because for some odd reason he thinks it’s the cutest thing when I cry. He says I go “tear tear sniffle sniffle” when I cry and it’s the cutest. Barf. Anyways, I was explaining to him through my curtain of tears that I wanted to pay off my car, get both the garages sided and the yard nice (go away crab grass!), get through school, lose weight, and focus on my self-esteem, finish college etc. before I had the stress of planning a wedding. I feel like my family is so busy with my dad trying to get harvest done plus working 60+ hours at his other job on top of the stress of my grandpa’s health going downhill fast. It all just seems like too much!

I’m a mosey kind of gal. I hate rush rush rush and I get anxious when things are like that. 11 months is right around the corner in my book. I honestly am in no rush to “start my life” with Matthew. I started my life with him when we met (or re-met I guess you could say). We live together, we share finances, we fight, we laugh, we bicker, we worry… we are a team now a $50 piece of paper isn’t going to change that. (Why do I even feel the need to explain myself…? Will anyone get it anyways?)

Matt is right, it’s our wedding and we can do what we want. Whether we want to wait another 2 years or 18 it doesn’t matter because it’s up to us.  He is so good to talk to when I’m feeling nervous and anxious and sad. He’s just so sweet! When I said I wanted the wedding to be perfect he replied that as long as he was marrying me it would be perfect................. and then my heart melted. The end.

(shout out to The Photography Shoppe /Anne the owner for letting me change the date. She's awesome!!)

New date: 09/14/13. boom.


  1. Oh, I so feel you on moving the date! I'm the opposite...I'd move it up...but I totally get you. A chosen date sounds REALLY good in your mind, then you get in to the planning process and think, "What am I doing...this was the worst date EVER!"

    Unfortunately, I'd already deposited my photographer, location and planner when I realized that. If I could, I would get married on New Years. Cut all the extra wedding crap I feel the need to do, and skip right on to the married life! But oh well.

    You have to work on your own time line. Don't feel badly for moving your date. It's all about you two and the timing that works for your world! 2013 sounds lovely. Rock it, girl. Rock it! :)

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