Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Girl's Gone Child: 18 Weeks Preggers

Today’s post has got me with Tim McGraw’s “Where the Green Grass Grows” song lyrics stuck in my bloody head! Particularly this part:

I'm gonna live where the green grass grows
Watch my corn pop up in rows
Every night be tucked in close to you
Raise our kids where the good Lord's blessed
Point our rocking chairs towards the west

Probably because before I was preggers and heard this song I always got that warm fuzzy feeling picturing watching Matt, our kids and I on a hot summer night at home surrounded by corn and/or soybeans (depending on the year!),  drinking from a mason jar, cooking hot dogs and watching our blonde-haired blue-eyed kids running around chasing chickens! How cheesy are my mental pictures?!?! Oh well…moving onward…

I love all the cute ideas out there to track a growing belly, cravings, etc. I figure it’s about time I start tracking some things about my pregnancy that I can just print out and add to my hammy’s baby book! I have to get after it so I have some fun things to show the babes when they get older! I want to make their baby book fun because I always love looking at my baby book!

“Scare me!” was a common phrase of mine that my family still teases me about. Anything I didn’t like or that scared me I’d say, “scare me!” Example: as a child it would be things such as school, green beans, Disney villains and now if my family is sitting around talking about ex-boyfriends or bad memories my siblings, dad or someone will randomly shout, “SCARE ME!!!” haha, yeah…20 years later because I said it that much as a kid!!

 I promise to start belly pictures soon! Although, I really just feel like my FUPA is larger and harder and NO ONE wants to see that! In the mean time here’s a picture of future ma and pa.

Anyways, here goes the first week of tracking “fun” preggers stuff....

How far along? 18 weeks tomorrow! Close to half way and I cannot believe it!
Total weight gain: -11 lbs.
Maternity clothes? Not quite. Just using a pony tail to hold my jeans on or just not zipping or buttoning my pants at all. I should probably go shopping…
Stretch marks? None that weren’t there before!
Sleep: All. The. Time.

Best moment this week: Finding out Matthew is NOT a carrier of my “mutant” disease!
Miss Anything? BOOZE! Particularly RUM!  
strong strong butterflies in my tummy a majority of the time!
Food cravings: fried chicken and sour skittles

Anything making you queasy or sick: pretty much anything! Bad smells, icky food, etc. Thank God for the promethazine gel my dr. prescribed me cause that stuff has taken away my nausea! I call it the “magic stick”
Gender: We find out in 20 days!! Take our gender poll on the upper right to guess!
Labor Signs: None.
Symptoms: Tired, Nauseous, CRANKY – but what’s new, eh?!

Belly Button in or out? INNY
Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody!
Looking forward to: central air conditioning and finding out the gender of our precious little sun spot!

Also, I hereby vow to be one of those mom’s who tracks ALL their kids’ events for the baby books. I know usually the 2nd and 3rd child has like only 1 thing filled out in their baby book because life with 2+ little ones gets busy! I know my poor brothers have very little baby pictures and I’m not even sure if they have a baby book?! LOL!

****This post dedicated to my dad who was the only person to fill out my baby book! He was also pretty much the only one to take pictures of me as a child too. My mom always cuts off heads and is always forgetting her camera at events (like my High School graduation and Senior Prom…… hard feelings ma……)*****


  1. No belly pictures please. At least ones where the belly is the subject of the photo. Maybe a couple photo where we can see belly but not "Bam! belly in your face" shot.

  2. lol, um duh??? I'm not the type to post ultrasounds, bare bellies or ones that don't incorporate this beautiful face.

    1. lol, that's what I hoped you meant.