Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Year Goals - Paychecks - 2015

Happy Sunday Dolls!

                I wanted to post a little update as the new year is about to arrive and I am so excited for 2015! My brother and I were just talking about how cool a New Years Eve wedding would be --- wouldn't it be awesome!? BLACK, GOLD, SILVER -- amazingggg colors, cocktail dresses, red lips ALL AROUND -- mmmm, yup.

For some reason, odd years have always been way better for me...Does that happen for anyone else? #superstitious

                I have learned from my AMAZING entrepreneurship teacher to set SMART goals. Attainable, realistic, timely, specific, and measurable goals! So I really thought about that going into the new year.

                *Become a Sales Director by May 2015

                *Fit into my wedding dress by May 2015 - It's a size smaller than what I am now. Okay, fine TWO SIZES. #holidayprobz

                *Double my income by July 2015 - (don't give up! stay on task! a little effort every day!)

                *Learn the balance of unplugging & enjoying the small moments & focusing on HAPPY.

                *CHANGE LIVES!! share the oppurtunity that brought me home to care for my kids and able to make more than I was making at my FT "secure" job.

                Which also reminds me I wanted to share a little about my income. It's a pretty private topic but I really wanted to show how owning your own biz & working hard (like you do for corpUSA) pays off. Plus, in talking with others I've found they really seem astounded that I can make a living doing this. I guess, I'm living it so I forget that sometimes I have to show people! HAHA.

So here ya have it!

I calculated my sales on a 40 hour basis for the last 3 months since I started Oct 1st.

                -----> for a 40 hour week I made


Did I work 40 hours a week? HA! NO.

                I would say realistically I work 15 hours/week with drive time, calls, follow ups, getting beautified, EVRRYTHINGGG. so that means I made


This doesn't include bonuses or deductions - this is just a flat rate from sales.

This is just the beginning & that's what I'm making. There is potential that has been completely untapped!

                I guess all those insecurities I felt about "not being able to sell anything" or being "too busy" with obligations or "not having enough time" were basically just dippy excuses. It's amazing what getting out of your own way will do! Throw away the excuses and join me and my AWESOME team in our adventure to owning our own PINK business. We're growing and rolling & we'd love to have you. 


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Life Lately

           I thought I would start up my blog again - a few times a month at least! Writing has always been such a relaxing thing for me. My mind is always 100 mph that when I sit down and get it all down I feel so liberated.
            I started this blog about 3 years ago after my friend Thomas died - it was my outlet when Matt & I were grieving. I have to cover my eyes looking at some of my old posts. I was in a different place in my life & it's like when you hear your voice on a recorder and you think, "How in the heck do I have friends?!"
            After a death-breakup-tragic life event, sometimes you feel like you'll forever be in that Eeyore stage of life. You feel peeved that the sun could even shine that bright or how dare those damn birds chirp so cheerfully when you feel like getting out of bed is the biggest obstacle you'd ever face.  I've been there - we eventually learn we can get out of bed - we learn we can smile - we learn we can be genuinely happy. Our loved one would want it anyways. It took a lot of dark nights for Matt & I but I can say we have finally reached a point where we can smile and we know it's legitimate.
            I'm taking a Christianity class (we have to take it to graduate) and we visited the monastery in Watertown. We were invited for prayer, supper, and then to discuss a time of suffering in our lives. Our class sat in a circle and one of the nuns started off by telling us about her upbringing and how her mother passed away when she was only 11. I lost it. I felt those same feelings of anger, sadness, grief, etc. she talked about after Thomas and my grandma were gone. My classmates went around and when it got to me it took everything I had to share my story. It was a revelation for me. I honestly felt so much healing in sharing my FULL story to 23 other people.
            I felt I had to be strong for Matt for a lot of years. I think a lot of people overlooked that fact. I never got to grieve in the way I needed to. The next day after sharing my story, I quit my job. I decided I was tired of being treated a certain way & I was ready for a change. I will leave the story at that besides the fact that life is too short to go home miserable every day.
            I didn't really have much of a plan. Little did I know how much Mary Kay would change my life. The women I've met have been the most incredible people. They really are the type that think that I can do anything! They motivate me to want to do and be my best. I get to have fun and help people! I actually believe in this company, their products, and love nothing more than helping my customers! I could cry I am so happy. I wake up and get to see all the smiles my kids go through in a day. Archer is getting smarter and funnier everyday - I get to witness it!
            I am quite the skeptic, the pessimist, whatever you'd like to call it! I come from 2 sets of parents. One set wants me to follow my heart and do what makes me happy. The other set takes more convincing. They want me to work at a job thats M-F and has great health benefits with a 401K plan that is matched! (I am sure they want me to be happy too! haha!) I think this is why God knew I needed both sets of 'rents - I need balance in my life! I turned down a job of $17/hr. to pursue a career I knew WILL pay me more and will feed my soul with the nourishment it needs to lead a happy life. (cheezy but true)
            I used to think, "not all of us can work from home. we HAVE TO get up and work 8-5 at a traditional job. that's LIFE!" but no, it's really not. I have friends who love their traditional jobs! I am happy for them! It's a rarity. Whatever path you choose in life - make it a happy one.
            If you're not happy, remember that YOU are the only person who can change YOUR situation. We are the only people who put ourselves in this box of, "I can't" or "I can" - I come across so many women who would be great at doing what I do BUT they can't see their own potential! They make excuses about how they're too busy, they aren't sales people, they don't wear makeup, etc.
            But I see it in them. Busy people know how to get sh*t done - right?! They prioritize better than anyone. They use time wisely. As for not being a sales person - do you think that's what I am?! I run and hide at those mall kiosks or car places. I simply just talk to women about stuff I believe in & we have fun! Done. Not pushy in the slightest. Don't wear makeup? That's ok! I know a lot of women grew up with mothers who didn't teach them (mine didn't! they stressed skincare but not makeup!) If you're teachable, I can help you out GF. I am so happy - I want that for you too.
         I had this saying in my old office, "Happy girls are the prettiest." It's now sitting on my kitchen table (cause it's my office right now) and I truly believe that phrase! GET HAPPY GIRL!
            Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading - I will doing personal/makeup/wedding updates. I hope you have a happy Monday & don't hesitate to reach out if you're grieving, want to know more, or simply just benefited from reading. I LOVE all ya'll!
(Items used in this look: MK Miracle set dry/normal, MK CC cream light/medium, MK mineral foundation beige .5, MK blush in copper glow, MK eyeshadows in spun silk, chocolate kiss, hazelnut, MK ultimate mascara, MK true dimensions lipstick in Sheer Blush, MK nourishine lipgloss in icicle -----> )

Monday, October 1, 2012

A Letter For the Babybook

I couldn't sleep yesterday {like always} and so I decided to get up and start on the baby book I had bought for baby Lenzen the night before. I got as much filled out as one possibly could without a baby around and ended up writing this letter at the end. I read it to Matt later and cried...especially about the part about him always being his mommy's baby! He's already growing up too fast and I haven't even had him yet! :)

Do you have a baby book? I do! My dad is the one who filled it all out....My mom is horrible at taking pictures and keeping sentimental things like my kindergarten handprint (still mad at her about that!) 

I have been up all night because you kept kicking me! J We are 10 days from your due date and mommy is uncomfortable and ready for you to make an appearance! Daddy and I have been doing a lot to get ready for you. Setting up your crib, sorting your clothes and packing the hospital bag. We have also been archery hunting morning and night trying to get mommy’s deer before you arrive!

Anyways, I hope when you read this you smile because we have waited for what seems like so long to meet, kiss and love you. We are anxious to see who you grow to be (which I’m sure will be nothing short of perfection). You are already mom and dad’s pride and joy!

When times get rough I want you to remember that life will be difficult sometimes and not everything will come easily. I want you to do everything you can though to work hard and never quit at anything you set out to do. Remember we only live once and happiness and hard work are the keys to success. We will always be here for you and you can come to us with anything. We love you and are so grateful to God for sending you to us.

We love you to infinity and beyond and no matter how old you are you will always be your mommy’s baby!

Mom and Dad

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Girl's Gone Child: 37 Weeks

How far along? 37 weeks (38.5 weeks actually as I write this late!)

Total weight gain: 15 lbs.

Maternity clothes? sweatpants :)

Stretch marks? Yes! My stomach is completely destroyed!

Sleep: Cannot sleep worth a darn! Toss & turn. Go to the bathroom. Mind races. Toss & turn. Can’t get comfortable. Braxton Hicks contractions. Go to the bathroom. Heartburn. Etc. etc. etc. That’s the routine of basically every night!

Best moment this week: just enjoying feeling you roll around in my belly for the time I can! J

Miss Anything? being comfortable!

Movement: all the time!

Food cravings: gas station cappuccinos!

Anything making you queasy or sick: I throw up here and there but not for any reason.

Gender: BOY!!

Labor Signs: cramping/back pain!

Symptoms: heartburn like crazy, cramping, back pain, peeing 8 times a night.

Belly Button in or out? out

Wedding rings on or off? on!

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy and sappy! Tear up easily over sentimental things but still laughing quite a bit! J

Looking forward to: meeting my lil guy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Girl's Gone Child: 36 Weeks

How far along? 37 weeks tomorrow!

Total weight gain: 15 lbs.

Maternity clothes? sweatpants :)

Stretch marks? Yes! My stomach is being demolished! haha.

Sleep: Matt is still sleeping on the couch and I'm sleeping like a baby!

Best moment this week: Seeing baby Lenzen on the ultrasound yesterday!! :) cutest lil thing.

Miss Anything? being comfortable!

Movement: all the time!

Food cravings: sandwiches are a hit this week.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I throw up here and there but not for any reason.

Gender: BOY!!

Labor Signs: mild cramping/back pain!

Symptoms: heartburn like crazy, cramping, back pain, peeing 8 times a night.

Belly Button in or out? half out, half in...haha!

Wedding rings on or off? on!

Happy or Moody most of the time: fairly happy - matt would answer moody : )

Looking forward to: opening of archery this weekend and meeting my SON!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Facebook & All it's Glory! **politics, beachbody, religion, football, etc!**

I decided I had to write a blog post on this topic because a status update only gives me like 5 characters. ;)

 It seems everyone has something to say – whether contradictory, intelligent, dumb, hilarious, etc– and it’s being said on Facebook. It’s that time of year when the political/football/beachbody/check-into-a-gym /countdown-to-baby-or-wedding Facebook statuses are at an all time high and we must admit that we will always – for as long as Facebook lives – have these kind of updates.

We will also continuously see the “whiners”-  the ones that primarily complain about those who update too often and about things they think are stupid {politics, religion, gym, etc.}

& This is what I think

– & everyone is entitled to their own opinion –

I think my pregnancy hormones are a little raging so enjoy and here we go!

Politics: Yes, it may be annoying to have to read or see a status from 72 of your friends about Romney vs. Obama, conservative vs. liberal, etc etc. but regardless of your political party or how irritating you find these updates at least we have people in our country who WANT change or WANT this or that for our nation, right?! If you don’t pay attention to who is going to LEAD our COUNTRY and just NOT VOTE you have to be – hate to say – ignorant. It’s important! Some may post informative links, blogs, etc. that HELP others get educated so they can vote for whom they believe is the right candidate to lead the US and not just based on a political party or race!

Ohhh and Beachbody: I am very annoyed with myself for ever being a part of this company and annoying everyone on Facebook about it! Although I feel they have great workout programs {p90x, turbofire, insanity, etc.} It is, once again, aggravating to see so many updates about it. Honestly, eat right and exercise daily – you don’t have to be a freak about it, have someone help you, spend umpteen dollars, have a person “coach” you through it, etc. It’s called WILLPOWER – look inside yourself and find some and get your ass outside.

But like I said, it’s Facebook and we can post whatever we want on our own pages right?!

The only thing I find annoying {the rest is just plain entertaining} is when people who are continuously voicing their opinion {about fitness business or politics or what they ate for breakfast} COMPLAIN about others who update about something that person {who is updating about dumb shit in the first place} defines as “stupid”

– Ah? What? –

You literally post 12 times a day about how much money you make with your biz, your busy day of laundry, picking up dog shit, taking care of the kids or hash tag 120,000 things. You rant about how you don’t care about politics because you’re over there #self #helping or whatever and you have the nerve to say that someone posting political statuses is #annoying? That doesn’t make any bloody sense!

And for the football statuses – ya know, I wouldn’t have known who won what games {not that I really cared} if it wasn’t for all 120 friends who let me know! I don’t have regular TV {abc/pbs/cbs} or cable so I’m a little out of the loop. If you don’t like it, go eat some crackers and cheese until the smack talk settles, okay? Football is an American past time {or maybe it’s baseball? Haha} so get used to it!  

If you want to let people know it’s 629 days until your wedding – that’s awesome! How else would I keep track?! It’s an exciting time in that bride or groom’s life and they damn well have the right to post how much they love their significant other if they please. I mean, most people that complain about how annoying love is are the ones that “hate love” and wish they had a boyfriend or I guess find it just plain irritating. I, again, find it humorous and entertaining! I live in the middle of nowhere! I have to keep updated on people ya know. ;)

Same with baby countdowns…Trust me, I KNOW! Before I was preggers I would say to myself when someone told me they were knocked up, “you’re pregnant…….congrats on never sleeping.” But now that I will be a mom I’m like, “hell ya! You had your kid! He’s so cute!” or “how exciting!!” So…yeah. Gotta keep the world updated…and yes, people really do want to know how much a baby weighed and how long they were.

Ahhh – religion! If you’re a believer in Christ, Buddha, science, atheism, etc………yay! You at least stand for something, right?! If you want to post someecards about priests raping little boys you go right ahead – it’s YOUR facebook! If you want to thank Jesus for all your daily blessings – please do! Believers or not we all need to stop and be thankful daily, right?! Post whatever you want people! Just don’t expect others to not say anything if they don’t like it! Haha! Again, that’s what keeps Facebook {and blogging!} so darn entertaining!

Hunting – we all know my fiancĂ© and I love it. We post pictures of our hunts and are proud of them! It may bother some of those animal lovers out there but you know what my argument WILL ALWAYS be? My fiancĂ© loves animals more than probably any person out there! Literally! He cares for them and loves them and never shoots more than we can eat. You may be offended by our European mounts, dead doves or our walleyes butttt we may be offended by your tofu burger. It’s a vicious cycle and we’re never going to solve it! So let’s just all agree to disagree! J  

So to wrap things up let’s revise everything I just ranted and raved about:

It’s YOUR Facebook – post what YOU want. If you’re posting stupid stuff – don’t post about how stupid other people’s stuff is and ENJOY all the comical updates posted by your favorite lunatics {most likely your closest friends} because life is too short not to just giggle! RIGHT?!