Monday, September 10, 2012

Facebook & All it's Glory! **politics, beachbody, religion, football, etc!**

I decided I had to write a blog post on this topic because a status update only gives me like 5 characters. ;)

 It seems everyone has something to say – whether contradictory, intelligent, dumb, hilarious, etc– and it’s being said on Facebook. It’s that time of year when the political/football/beachbody/check-into-a-gym /countdown-to-baby-or-wedding Facebook statuses are at an all time high and we must admit that we will always – for as long as Facebook lives – have these kind of updates.

We will also continuously see the “whiners”-  the ones that primarily complain about those who update too often and about things they think are stupid {politics, religion, gym, etc.}

& This is what I think

– & everyone is entitled to their own opinion –

I think my pregnancy hormones are a little raging so enjoy and here we go!

Politics: Yes, it may be annoying to have to read or see a status from 72 of your friends about Romney vs. Obama, conservative vs. liberal, etc etc. but regardless of your political party or how irritating you find these updates at least we have people in our country who WANT change or WANT this or that for our nation, right?! If you don’t pay attention to who is going to LEAD our COUNTRY and just NOT VOTE you have to be – hate to say – ignorant. It’s important! Some may post informative links, blogs, etc. that HELP others get educated so they can vote for whom they believe is the right candidate to lead the US and not just based on a political party or race!

Ohhh and Beachbody: I am very annoyed with myself for ever being a part of this company and annoying everyone on Facebook about it! Although I feel they have great workout programs {p90x, turbofire, insanity, etc.} It is, once again, aggravating to see so many updates about it. Honestly, eat right and exercise daily – you don’t have to be a freak about it, have someone help you, spend umpteen dollars, have a person “coach” you through it, etc. It’s called WILLPOWER – look inside yourself and find some and get your ass outside.

But like I said, it’s Facebook and we can post whatever we want on our own pages right?!

The only thing I find annoying {the rest is just plain entertaining} is when people who are continuously voicing their opinion {about fitness business or politics or what they ate for breakfast} COMPLAIN about others who update about something that person {who is updating about dumb shit in the first place} defines as “stupid”

– Ah? What? –

You literally post 12 times a day about how much money you make with your biz, your busy day of laundry, picking up dog shit, taking care of the kids or hash tag 120,000 things. You rant about how you don’t care about politics because you’re over there #self #helping or whatever and you have the nerve to say that someone posting political statuses is #annoying? That doesn’t make any bloody sense!

And for the football statuses – ya know, I wouldn’t have known who won what games {not that I really cared} if it wasn’t for all 120 friends who let me know! I don’t have regular TV {abc/pbs/cbs} or cable so I’m a little out of the loop. If you don’t like it, go eat some crackers and cheese until the smack talk settles, okay? Football is an American past time {or maybe it’s baseball? Haha} so get used to it!  

If you want to let people know it’s 629 days until your wedding – that’s awesome! How else would I keep track?! It’s an exciting time in that bride or groom’s life and they damn well have the right to post how much they love their significant other if they please. I mean, most people that complain about how annoying love is are the ones that “hate love” and wish they had a boyfriend or I guess find it just plain irritating. I, again, find it humorous and entertaining! I live in the middle of nowhere! I have to keep updated on people ya know. ;)

Same with baby countdowns…Trust me, I KNOW! Before I was preggers I would say to myself when someone told me they were knocked up, “you’re pregnant…….congrats on never sleeping.” But now that I will be a mom I’m like, “hell ya! You had your kid! He’s so cute!” or “how exciting!!” So…yeah. Gotta keep the world updated…and yes, people really do want to know how much a baby weighed and how long they were.

Ahhh – religion! If you’re a believer in Christ, Buddha, science, atheism, etc………yay! You at least stand for something, right?! If you want to post someecards about priests raping little boys you go right ahead – it’s YOUR facebook! If you want to thank Jesus for all your daily blessings – please do! Believers or not we all need to stop and be thankful daily, right?! Post whatever you want people! Just don’t expect others to not say anything if they don’t like it! Haha! Again, that’s what keeps Facebook {and blogging!} so darn entertaining!

Hunting – we all know my fiancĂ© and I love it. We post pictures of our hunts and are proud of them! It may bother some of those animal lovers out there but you know what my argument WILL ALWAYS be? My fiancĂ© loves animals more than probably any person out there! Literally! He cares for them and loves them and never shoots more than we can eat. You may be offended by our European mounts, dead doves or our walleyes butttt we may be offended by your tofu burger. It’s a vicious cycle and we’re never going to solve it! So let’s just all agree to disagree! J  

So to wrap things up let’s revise everything I just ranted and raved about:

It’s YOUR Facebook – post what YOU want. If you’re posting stupid stuff – don’t post about how stupid other people’s stuff is and ENJOY all the comical updates posted by your favorite lunatics {most likely your closest friends} because life is too short not to just giggle! RIGHT?!


  1. Love it! And love you!
    -baby girl

  2. I'm afraid to get pregnant if this is what hormones do to you. Wow.

  3. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing isn't it?!

  4. Well put!! I know it's not all hormones to blame... Mostly the truth!!