Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August Product Favorites!

Revlon Colorstay
I am a youtube freak when it comes to watching makeup tutorials! Before I buy a product I watch several youtube reviews to decide if it's worthy of my moola. When it comes to foundation I am sooo picky! I have extremely dry skin so I have done tons of "research" to find a foundation that would give me that luminous glow without a total cake face. Finally I had it narrowed down to Revlon Colorstay or Neutrogena Healthy Skin. I decided to go with the Revlon just because they have such a wide variety of colors! Let me tell you that this is like the best foundation ever. They made 2 different types {oily skin/dry skin} and so it gives my skin the extra moisture it needs all while looking flawless! I LOVE it!!!
Downy Unstopables  
It kind of drives me nuts that "unstopables" is spelled wrong but this product is awesome! My parent's are currently adding on to their house so they've been doing their laundry at my house for 3 months. I noticed when I would change over the laundry how awesome my mom's clothes smelled. I asked her what the heck she was using because she was using my detergent and my clothes didn't smell that good! She pulled out the green version of these Downy bottles and showed me the little beads that you just add in the washer with your clothes. They are kind of spendy {$7/bottle} but you don't have to use much and your clothes smell amazing!! I found mine on sale at Target for $5 so I bought 2! TRY THEM!!
Glade Carpet Powder 
Pretty sure this stuff has been around forever but our dog just recently was sprayed by a skunk {hunter's wife problems...ugh!} and so I've been airing out the house and trying everything to get rid of the smell! All you do is sprinkle on your carpet before vaccuuming and it smells so good. Easy peasy and makes your house smell {somewhat} fresh! :)
BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow Palette – 3rd Edition
This palette can be found online only at BH Cosmetics.
Again, I came across this while watching youtube makeup videos! I was in awe of how awesome the shadow looked on so I decided to check out the BH Cosmetics website. Their 120 eyeshadow palettes were only $18 + free shipping {which was a July special} so I took  several minutes and studied each palette before deciding on the 3rd edition. It has everything a palette needs - wide variety of colors, a mix of matte/shimmer shadows PLUS {& perhaps most importantly} highly pigmented shadows and secure packaging. I use this palette all.the.time!
Affresh Washer Cleaner 
Soooo I had no idea I was supposed to be cleaning my front load washer. I swear I live in a cave sometimes but apparently front loads are more likely to have odor + mold because after a cycle the water sits in the side rubber part. So I bought some Affresh and cleaned my washer for the first time! Ha! I even discovered my washer has a "clean washer with Affresh" button {I live in a cave AND am blind apparently}. I noticed the odor was gone from my washer after I used Affresh and now I have peace of mind that my clothes are being cleaned in a clean washer! :) HOO-RAH!
What were some of your monthly favorites?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Discount Codes

Hey Everyone! I just quickly wanted to share with you some promotions I came across in my BABY magazine. All you pay is shipping so if you're about to be a new mommy, see yourself having a baby in the future or need a baby gift here you go! FREEBIES!!  

The first one is a carseat canopy from 
use promo code:

They also have fancier carseat covers that are like regularly $70 and with the discount makes them $25. We have literally the best carseat/stroller set from Chicco so I just was a cheapo and just got the free carseat cover in KNOTT to keep the snow out of baby L's face this winter. :)

The next is for an "udder cover" - like I don't feel like a cow already, right? This again is another free item and you just have to pay shipping. The site is

use promo code:
I was a little skeptical about the "necessity" of having an udder cover but after reading the reviews and playing in my mind the thought of a trying to keep a blanket to cover my boobies at all times I just decided it would be good investment since I'll be breastfeeding. I got the pattern CARSON but now I'm wondering if I should have gone with PORTER. Oh well!
Next, is from - I didn't order one because I already have a little carrier-around thing. Ha! I don't know baby lingo quite yet. ;)
use promo code:
Hope this helps some of you! I know I love free stuff {even if we have to pay shipping still not too bad of a price} - I will be coming with my August favorites soon! Stay tuned!



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Girl's Gone Child: 33 Weeks

these are such bad quality! dang iphone!

How far along? 33 as of tomorrow! I've missed a few weeks being so busy! You know I had bachelorette parties, getting fired from my job, weddings to attend...extremely busy lady here!

Total weight gain: +10

Maternity clothes? maxi dresses and leggings

Stretch marks? Yes! They are already turning white which isn't as good as having non but I can be glad they won't forever be maroon.

Sleep: I love sleep but it's more uncomfortable lately. I love you body pillow.

Best moment this week: FINALLY starting to get my walk-in closet ready for baby L. I decided not to repaint it pink walls with camo bedding 'tis!

Miss Anything? Being comfortable!!

Movement: all the time! They say it should be slowing down but he literally doesn't stop...unless of course someone WANTS to feel him move! {He just moved as I was typing that!}

Food cravings: none!

Anything making you queasy or sick: I puked all over my shirt and Matt's truck because he went goose hunting Saturday morning, cleaned the birds and then proceeded to leave the rest of the bird to sit in the back of his pickup in the SUN. The smell was UNBEARABLE!! Truly a hunter's wife problem....

Gender: BOY!! God, i was thinking the other day how AWFUL it would be if HE came out a SHE. She would be sporting a lot of boy clothes until she was about 18 months!

Labor Signs: Braxton hicks!!!! My next appointment we start to see if I'm dialated at all! Where has time gone?!

Symptoms: heartburn like crazy {I'm drinking like 3 glasses of milk a day to help!}, braxton hicks, lactating{yum, right?!}, peeing every time I sneeze & 6 nosebleeds in 3 days. Pregnancy is super glamorous!

Belly Button in or out? ALMOST an outty!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or Moody most of the time: moody usually. haha!! The nurse asked if Matt was getting excited to be a dad and I said I thought he was more excited for me to be NOT pregnant. She thought that was pretty funny.

Looking forward to: sleeping tonight :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Girl's Gone Child: 30 weeks

New change of hair color and a big, big belly!!

How far along? 30 {31 today!}

Total weight gain: +10

Maternity clothes? maxi dresses and leggings

Stretch marks? Yes! :(

Sleep: I love sleep!

Best moment this week: eating at Olive Garden
J haha!

Miss Anything? Being comfortable!!

Movement: Like crazy! A lot of rolling around going on in there!  

Food cravings: any sort of chicken…chicken nuggets, strips, drummies, breasts, etc………

Anything making you queasy or sick: Saturday at a friend’s bachelorette party we were walking back to the hotel and passed some puke which made me dry heave! Ick!

Gender: BOY!!

Labor Signs: Braxton hicks!!!!  

Symptoms: exhaustion, uncomfortable, Braxton hicks, etc.  

Belly Button in or out? IN

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy!

Looking forward to: my friend, Michelle’s, wedding this Saturday!! Woohoo!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Life Lately

{Me and my beautiful hostess' for my baby shower! Adrienne, Me, Jennifer}

Life has been so hectic lately! This past Saturday was my bow hunting education course from 7 am to 4:30 pm which is required by the state in order to get a big game archery license. Right after the course my friend Adrienne {one of the girls who so kindly hosted my shower} and I hurried to go set up tables and chairs for the baby shower the next day. We stayed up late Saturday night having some quality “girl talk” and were up early Sunday for the shower. I was beyond exhausted and perhaps a tad crabby. ;)

I then proceeded to get sick Tuesday night with some sort of bug. It has me puking, fever-y and never leaving the toilet! It’s pretty fun stuff! So I’ve been home trying to rest and stay hydrated per doctor’s orders. I have a big bachelorette party this weekend to go to so hopefully I feel better.

Regarding missing work, many people may not know this about me {although my close friends and family certainly do} is that I have such bad anxiety! I sometimes have it over the smallest things but nonetheless I have it. Missing more work and missing out on those extra dollars gives me major anxiety.

As you all know, I am trying my best to save as much as possible before baby arrives and that’s hard to do when you’re home sick not working. I have a goal of paying off my car by the end of August {or at least by the time baby arrives} and I still owe $3,100. After that, I will be headed for maternity leave and who knows if I’ll be going back to my current job. I just have to remind myself it will all work out in the end. Sometimes I forget to give my stresses to God and remember that it’s not worth worrying about.

In less depressing news, I got the job as the postmaster relief in good ol’ Garden City! I will be working every Saturday 10-11:30 and any day the postmaster needs vacation/sick days/etc. I’m very excited that it’s so close to home and that it could potentially turn into a full time position when the postmaster retires. It would be ideal!

I’m also looking forward to school starting in late August and getting into that routine again! It’s so strange that I’m actually looking forward to going to school. I think I just have my mind set that it will lead to a better life for our family and in 5 years the hard work and sacrifice will have paid off!

In the mean time, I am making sacrifices time wise and financially. It’s hard to let people know that you can’t afford to do this or that or that you simply don’t have the time. It’s uncomfortable! I’m trying my best to not live beyond our means and not spread myself thin between obligations. That’s part of sacrifice though and hopefully someday in the future it will all pay off! J

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Girl's Gone Child: 29 Weeks

A picture from our lumberjack baby shower on Sunday...more to come on that soon!

How far along? 29 {30 tomorrow}

Total weight gain: 6+ whatever 10 cupcakes would make me gain

Maternity clothes? maxi dresses 

Stretch marks? Yes! :(

Sleep: can't get enough

Best moment this week: sleeping 

Miss Anything? not being so tired!

Movement: yes!

Food cravings: chinese/fried chicken

Anything making you queasy or sick: I have been vomiting the last 12 hours with a low temperature but I feel on fire. My mom is taking me to the dr. this afternoon to see what's going on..

Gender: BOY!!

Labor Signs: nope! Still cookin’

Symptoms: exhaustion.

Belly Button in or out? IN

Wedding rings on or off? depends on the day! some days my hands are more swollen than others.

Happy or Moody most of the time: cranky.

Looking forward to: seeing what's wrong with me this afternoon at the doctor.