Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Girl's Gone Child: 33 Weeks

these are such bad quality! dang iphone!

How far along? 33 as of tomorrow! I've missed a few weeks being so busy! You know I had bachelorette parties, getting fired from my job, weddings to attend...extremely busy lady here!

Total weight gain: +10

Maternity clothes? maxi dresses and leggings

Stretch marks? Yes! They are already turning white which isn't as good as having non but I can be glad they won't forever be maroon.

Sleep: I love sleep but it's more uncomfortable lately. I love you body pillow.

Best moment this week: FINALLY starting to get my walk-in closet ready for baby L. I decided not to repaint it pink walls with camo bedding 'tis!

Miss Anything? Being comfortable!!

Movement: all the time! They say it should be slowing down but he literally doesn't stop...unless of course someone WANTS to feel him move! {He just moved as I was typing that!}

Food cravings: none!

Anything making you queasy or sick: I puked all over my shirt and Matt's truck because he went goose hunting Saturday morning, cleaned the birds and then proceeded to leave the rest of the bird to sit in the back of his pickup in the SUN. The smell was UNBEARABLE!! Truly a hunter's wife problem....

Gender: BOY!! God, i was thinking the other day how AWFUL it would be if HE came out a SHE. She would be sporting a lot of boy clothes until she was about 18 months!

Labor Signs: Braxton hicks!!!! My next appointment we start to see if I'm dialated at all! Where has time gone?!

Symptoms: heartburn like crazy {I'm drinking like 3 glasses of milk a day to help!}, braxton hicks, lactating{yum, right?!}, peeing every time I sneeze & 6 nosebleeds in 3 days. Pregnancy is super glamorous!

Belly Button in or out? ALMOST an outty!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or Moody most of the time: moody usually. haha!! The nurse asked if Matt was getting excited to be a dad and I said I thought he was more excited for me to be NOT pregnant. She thought that was pretty funny.

Looking forward to: sleeping tonight :)

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