Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Discount Codes

Hey Everyone! I just quickly wanted to share with you some promotions I came across in my BABY magazine. All you pay is shipping so if you're about to be a new mommy, see yourself having a baby in the future or need a baby gift here you go! FREEBIES!!  

The first one is a carseat canopy from www.carseatcanopy.com 
use promo code:

They also have fancier carseat covers that are like regularly $70 and with the discount makes them $25. We have literally the best carseat/stroller set from Chicco so I just was a cheapo and just got the free carseat cover in KNOTT to keep the snow out of baby L's face this winter. :)

The next is for an "udder cover" - like I don't feel like a cow already, right? This again is another free item and you just have to pay shipping. The site is www.uddercovers.com

use promo code:
I was a little skeptical about the "necessity" of having an udder cover but after reading the reviews and playing in my mind the thought of a trying to keep a blanket to cover my boobies at all times I just decided it would be good investment since I'll be breastfeeding. I got the pattern CARSON but now I'm wondering if I should have gone with PORTER. Oh well!
Next, is from www.sevenslings.com - I didn't order one because I already have a little carrier-around thing. Ha! I don't know baby lingo quite yet. ;)
use promo code:
Hope this helps some of you! I know I love free stuff {even if we have to pay shipping still not too bad of a price} - I will be coming with my August favorites soon! Stay tuned!



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