Friday, September 16, 2011

Engagement Ring Alternatives

Ahh! I am finally doing what I've had in the back of my brain for awhile now! Engagement ring alternatives! I googled my heart out so I hope you Sparklers enjoy!! If you're on the verge of getting engaged or just like to look to have in mind for "someday" then I suggest you find something unique and "you" - after all, you do wear this lil' thing forever.

I had to start it out with a replica of Bella Swan's ring from the Twilight Saga. When I first saw it I remember thinking how stunning I thought it was!! So unique!

This blue number is BEAUTIFUL!

I just wanted to include my pretty ring : ) hehe.

The following are pearl engagement rings! This one doesn't look like pearls I don't think more like elephant ivory but the shape is awesome!!

I love the very top right and very bottown left!

For those of you who have seen princess and the frog know why I picked this one ; )

black diamond just like my soul ; )

a 1920's replica engagement!

These both are agates. I absolutely am surprising in love with them. I'd be jealous of someone with these!! How awesome!?

citrine peridot! so cool!!

This pink Tacori ring. st.un.ning!!!


  1. there are some really pretty ones, but yours is still the best! :)

  2. Gawgeous! I love yours!

    I originally wanted a black diamond ring, but Dave said it wasn't sparkley enough for me. So he's going to get me one for another occasion! ;D

  3. I love that blue one, and of course yours is still the fairest of them all...

  4. I love ur ring can u tell me where I'd find something like that please