Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rain Boot Love

Those of you who have me on Facebook know now we officially officially officially have set a date! I’m so sorry I have changed it umpteen times. I promise this is the last! So when’s the date you ask?

Drum roll please . . . .

September 29th, 2012!

Do you know why I’ve changed the date so often? Because it’s darn hard to coordinate a photographer and a dj on the same day. People book sooo far in advance it's ridic! I thought I was ahead of the game and boy was I wrong. I am very happy with our choices though. We’ve chosen DJ Jayden Thomas  out of Worthington, MN for our DJ. For our photographer we’ve chosen The Photography Shoppe out of Sioux Falls, SD. Go check out Anne at The Photography Shoppe. She's awesome!

Setting the date is so unbelievable. I’ve dreamt of a wedding since I was a little tot. Although as much as I love planning our wedding, I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to begin our journey! I already consider Matt my family but we get to display our love for the world (small town, SD) to see and become husband and wife! I dream about our future so much it's ridiculous. I dream of rocking chairs and sunsets. I dream of my grey hair pulled into a wispy bun and bittersweet laugh lines. I dream of Matt in his white button up (Marlboro's in the front pocket), suspenders and a wood-carved cane with our grandbabies running around wearing us out. I am a NUT, but I truly cannot help these thoughts. I gotta get us some rocking chairs for our wedding gift to ourselves! hehe.

Moving on, I chatted with our photographer for about an hour last night. She is AWESOME! She said she preferred "themes" I was like NOOOO way! I die for themes. And told her our wedding was woodland fairytale. She squealed. : ) She asked if we just became best friends right then! Haha, yup! Then we moved on to what we should do for our engagement shoot. She is like me, she wants it to reflect us as a couple. I told her basically the one thing we love to do together is fish, eat and that we had this great memory of the first big event we had together.

So Anne and I figured we'd do a cutesy fishing shoot, a picnic shoot and then of course, a shoot reflecting our first big event together. I found this adorable fishing shoot via Green Wedding Shoes photographed by Caroline Tran. I fell in LOVE. This shoot was such an inspiration! We are sure to do this with our own twist of course. My rain boots have been ordered J

What do you guys think?

adorbs right?

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  1. That is so awesome!!! I Love it and think it's perfect! I'll be seeing you next weekend!