Thursday, September 15, 2011

My personal bridal look.

I wanted to share with you the look I'm striving towards for our wedding day! I don't feel as though I'm spoiling the surprise because even though I'm going for "this look" or "that look" I will make it my own and it will turn out different but equally fab! Enjoy!!

aww, Julianne Hough I may have a slight girl crush on you. You're gorgeous! &This is the hair color and makeup I am going for.

Jewelry - oo la la - they don't call me the bling queen for no reason.

How could I take on roll of Mrs. Wildlife without a fur the weather may be chilly! ; ) (p.s: Matt would never let me wear faux - he says that would be embarassing)

I like to call these my modern Cinderella shoes! (already bought! that's how it goes right?... shoes, jewelry and then dress?)

AND how could I have a "woodland fairytale" wedding without a floral crown?

a little different but that's how I like it!


  1. love everything!! I can't wait for your wedding it's gonna be so awesome! Also, I think it's hilarious that Matt says faux fur would be embarassing lol

  2. Since my STUPID blackberry spazzed out on my yesterday and never posted. I figured I'd come here anyway.

    Once again love all of this. Every last bit. I want that necklace really badly? Perhaps as a happy 'new job' gift? Haha. And Julianne Hough makes me want to go back to being a blonde. She's gorgeous.

    You're going to be sooo eco-glamorous on your wedding! I really cannot wait!

  3. Love the floral crown! Do Aunts get one? At least for the reception??