Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August Product Favorites!

Revlon Colorstay
I am a youtube freak when it comes to watching makeup tutorials! Before I buy a product I watch several youtube reviews to decide if it's worthy of my moola. When it comes to foundation I am sooo picky! I have extremely dry skin so I have done tons of "research" to find a foundation that would give me that luminous glow without a total cake face. Finally I had it narrowed down to Revlon Colorstay or Neutrogena Healthy Skin. I decided to go with the Revlon just because they have such a wide variety of colors! Let me tell you that this is like the best foundation ever. They made 2 different types {oily skin/dry skin} and so it gives my skin the extra moisture it needs all while looking flawless! I LOVE it!!!
Downy Unstopables  
It kind of drives me nuts that "unstopables" is spelled wrong but this product is awesome! My parent's are currently adding on to their house so they've been doing their laundry at my house for 3 months. I noticed when I would change over the laundry how awesome my mom's clothes smelled. I asked her what the heck she was using because she was using my detergent and my clothes didn't smell that good! She pulled out the green version of these Downy bottles and showed me the little beads that you just add in the washer with your clothes. They are kind of spendy {$7/bottle} but you don't have to use much and your clothes smell amazing!! I found mine on sale at Target for $5 so I bought 2! TRY THEM!!
Glade Carpet Powder 
Pretty sure this stuff has been around forever but our dog just recently was sprayed by a skunk {hunter's wife problems...ugh!} and so I've been airing out the house and trying everything to get rid of the smell! All you do is sprinkle on your carpet before vaccuuming and it smells so good. Easy peasy and makes your house smell {somewhat} fresh! :)
BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow Palette – 3rd Edition
This palette can be found online only at BH Cosmetics.
Again, I came across this while watching youtube makeup videos! I was in awe of how awesome the shadow looked on so I decided to check out the BH Cosmetics website. Their 120 eyeshadow palettes were only $18 + free shipping {which was a July special} so I took  several minutes and studied each palette before deciding on the 3rd edition. It has everything a palette needs - wide variety of colors, a mix of matte/shimmer shadows PLUS {& perhaps most importantly} highly pigmented shadows and secure packaging. I use this palette all.the.time!
Affresh Washer Cleaner 
Soooo I had no idea I was supposed to be cleaning my front load washer. I swear I live in a cave sometimes but apparently front loads are more likely to have odor + mold because after a cycle the water sits in the side rubber part. So I bought some Affresh and cleaned my washer for the first time! Ha! I even discovered my washer has a "clean washer with Affresh" button {I live in a cave AND am blind apparently}. I noticed the odor was gone from my washer after I used Affresh and now I have peace of mind that my clothes are being cleaned in a clean washer! :) HOO-RAH!
What were some of your monthly favorites?

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