Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Year Goals - Paychecks - 2015

Happy Sunday Dolls!

                I wanted to post a little update as the new year is about to arrive and I am so excited for 2015! My brother and I were just talking about how cool a New Years Eve wedding would be --- wouldn't it be awesome!? BLACK, GOLD, SILVER -- amazingggg colors, cocktail dresses, red lips ALL AROUND -- mmmm, yup.

For some reason, odd years have always been way better for me...Does that happen for anyone else? #superstitious

                I have learned from my AMAZING entrepreneurship teacher to set SMART goals. Attainable, realistic, timely, specific, and measurable goals! So I really thought about that going into the new year.

                *Become a Sales Director by May 2015

                *Fit into my wedding dress by May 2015 - It's a size smaller than what I am now. Okay, fine TWO SIZES. #holidayprobz

                *Double my income by July 2015 - (don't give up! stay on task! a little effort every day!)

                *Learn the balance of unplugging & enjoying the small moments & focusing on HAPPY.

                *CHANGE LIVES!! share the oppurtunity that brought me home to care for my kids and able to make more than I was making at my FT "secure" job.

                Which also reminds me I wanted to share a little about my income. It's a pretty private topic but I really wanted to show how owning your own biz & working hard (like you do for corpUSA) pays off. Plus, in talking with others I've found they really seem astounded that I can make a living doing this. I guess, I'm living it so I forget that sometimes I have to show people! HAHA.

So here ya have it!

I calculated my sales on a 40 hour basis for the last 3 months since I started Oct 1st.

                -----> for a 40 hour week I made


Did I work 40 hours a week? HA! NO.

                I would say realistically I work 15 hours/week with drive time, calls, follow ups, getting beautified, EVRRYTHINGGG. so that means I made


This doesn't include bonuses or deductions - this is just a flat rate from sales.

This is just the beginning & that's what I'm making. There is potential that has been completely untapped!

                I guess all those insecurities I felt about "not being able to sell anything" or being "too busy" with obligations or "not having enough time" were basically just dippy excuses. It's amazing what getting out of your own way will do! Throw away the excuses and join me and my AWESOME team in our adventure to owning our own PINK business. We're growing and rolling & we'd love to have you. 


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