Monday, May 14, 2012

A Mother's Love: Warning! Ultrasound Pix

Yesterday, of course, was Mother’s day so Matt and I spent the day helping his mom do a couple things to help with planting flowers and then helped my mom do a couple things to help get ready for my brother’s graduation. We were helpers by day and shootin’ blackbirds by night. Matt and I were even on the amount we shot & I’m 99% sure we looked like total rednecks standing in our driveway, on top of an old wooden jungle gym, shooting birds. Oh well..
This is the gun Matt re-did for our friend, Thomas, who has passed. Matt is pretty proud of it considering it wasn’t working when he started it and it took a lot of time. I think it looks great and it shoots blackbirds wonderfully! *I know my hair looks ridiculous.

Anyways, some of you may not know that God has blessed me with two mothers in this lifetime. My parents were divorced when I was about 2 and both remarried when I was about 4. My step-parents have been around since I was like 3 and I can’t even remember my life before them. Hence, why I have 2 ladies I call mom and 2 gents I call dad. They are my family and I love them all.
Growing up with 2 moms (and 4 parents in general) meant quadruple the punishments, quadruple the advice, quadruple the laughter, quadruple the gifts and quadruple the love. I literally don’t know life any other way and even though my parents may not like each other (ha..) they have always been common in the one area: Me.
They all have different parenting skills but they always agreed in most things when it came to raising me. They are always trying to make sure that I live the best life and that I do what’s right. They all love me and all have different ways of showing it.

When it came to writing out Mother’s day cards yesterday I was speechless when it came to my mom’s. I mean, I didn’t know what to say!! Now that I’m going to become a mom I’m thinking about all the sacrifices they gave up when it came to me. All I could think of was “thank you…for everything in your whole life you’ve sacrificed and given up to give me a better life.” And with my step-mom’s it was, “I’m so blessed God has brought you into my life. I have such a close relationship with God because of you. Thank you & Love you!” I think Mom’s get taken for granted a bit, especially when it comes to a simple, “thank you.”

I mean, my mom carried me for 9 months and lost 50 pounds she was so sick. After that, she continued to give up sleep, fun, her youth and I’m sure, at times, her happiness to make sure I was well fed, happy, healthy, etc. for my whole life! Mom’s never quit being mom’s and they never stop loving or caring.

It is crazy to think I have more room for love when I already feel like my heart is going to burst from loving my family, friends, Matt and God so much but I love hammy so much already it’s un-freakin-believable. I cannot wait to be a mom and I never ever thought I would say that but babies (especially mine, duh) are a true blessing and I’ve already formed a bond with my child! I know I will be a great mother because I have the two best examples of love, fun and sacrifice.

These ultrasound pictures were taken over a month ago and at our next one we find out the gender -May 29th - take the gender poll!  

My child is a mermaid.

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