Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bethany's Booze Bouquet

Saturday was my friend Bethany's graduation/going away party! She's leaving for Texas in a few weeks to attend grad school at the University of Texas!! (insert proud friend pin) Anyways, they hired a dj and got a couple kegs and we all had a good (sober for preggers ppl) time.

I wanted to make her something cute and fun and came across a groomsmen booze bouquet on Pinterest so I decided to put my 13 years of 4H to good use and crafted away! It literally only took me 30 minutes or so. I hot glued the shots to skewers, filled the pot with gravel (so it wouldn't get top heavy), placed the shots where I wanted them and made it "pretty" with the faux moss and bow! Pretty easy to do and make adorable gifts!

Have a great day Sparklers and don't forget to cast your vote on the Baby Lenzen gender poll!

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