Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby Update

Life has certainly been busy ‘round these parts and bloggin’ just hasn’t been top priority! I apologize.

Tomorrow will mark the start of my 17th week being preggers. Not really showing yet, my fupa is just larger and harder and I am holding my jeans together with a ponytail holder.

Boy, if there’s one thing I wish sex education would have covered would be how awful pregnancy can be. Everyone, of course, knows about “morning sickness” which in all actuality is puking whenever the eff your baby deems plausible. I feel worse at night to be honest and CANNOT eat after 2pm unless I want to be calling dinosaurs all damn evening.  It is very odd that my 2nd trimester has been the most trying. My mother said she was the same way though. When everyone was telling her she’d start feeling better soon she just got progressively worse and lost nearly 50 lbs when she was pregnant with me. I’m -11 lbs this month and am not really branching out of the “carb” food group. Literally, just buying bakery bread and breaking off pieces here and there throughout the morning.

Another big change is that we switched doctors and boy am I so HAPPY about that! I am now going to Dr. Jones in Watertown and he’s amazing!! I was skeptical about having another male looking at my lady parts but he’s just so awesome!! He was genuinely interested and concerned about my Thalassemia and wondering (like every other person) how the HECK I have this disorder since I don’t look asian or greek (I don’t?).

We are currently STILLwaiting for our genetic testing results and I also had blood drawn to test to see if our baby has downs syndrome, spin bifida, etc. “Dear God, please let our baby be healthy and happy!!”

We find out what we’re  having May 29th!! Do you think Baby Lenzen will be a boy or a girl? Check out the poll to the upper right and cast your vote!

A picture for your enjoyment of me as a bambino in my DIPEY.

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