Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Matthew & Brandi's Wedding Details!!

Happy Tuesday Sparklers!

It seems as though I haven’t blogged in forever! I have had a long hard weekend of shopping so I apologize J. I want to congratulate Kelsi and Julie for being our first giveaway winners! They had SUCH great answers! I enjoyed hearing from them! If you could Facebook or e-mail me your addresses that would be FANtastic. J

Our wedding details!! We have officially decided on colors, a date, wedding party, place, etc. I decided I wanted to share a little about what we have decided because if you love weddings as much as I do you’ll be interested! J

who: Matthew & Brandi
what: A wedding. A union. A celebration.
when: September 22, 2012 - sunset.
where: Our beautiful home in good ol’ GC.
why: Our souls have found their mates – we’re in love duh!

We have decided on a “Woodland Fairytale” themed wedding. Previously, I had  said “Enchanted Forest” but that was more me than it was him I felt like and “Woodland Fairytale” is more “us”! Us is what we’re going for. When you come I want you to see and feel the reflection of both Matthew and I individually and as a couple. After all, it is NOT my day – it’s OUR day. We, as a couple, have sat down and wrote down what is most important to us in décor, ceremony readings, songs, etc. He has been very involved as to what is going on and he’s excited! I have given him “to-do’s” on things to collect and keep an eye out for out in the shelter belts and what not.

Our color palette consists of soft ivory, buck skin, blush pink, greens, and browns. It’s hard to nail down the greens and browns because after all, there are so many different shades of them especially in nature. The ivory/blush represents me obviously and the greens and the browns represent Matt.

We will both be having 2 bridesmaids and 2 groomsmen each. I will also be having 4 girls who will be pegged as my “soul sisters” – I feel as though personal attendant is a bossy term. A term that wasn’t personable to how much I care for my 4 closest friends. I didn’t expect them to run around doing what I say. I know they’ll be helpful regardless of what their titles are. These four will have a matching dress in a different shade. They will still have a bouquet and sit with me at the head table. I haven’t figured out all the details but I will probably have them start out the ceremony walking 2 by 2 to their front row seats. I am so happy I found a unique way to include my “soul sisters” into my big day!

I’m not ready to reveal my wedding party yet because I want to make sure they all received an appropriate asking. J

As I mentioned I had a long hard weekend of shopping. My mother and I did some major retail therapy. We found and bought my bridesmaid/soul sister dresses AND shoes! The dresses are simply gorgeous and with the help of about 10 coupons we got $100 dresses to $40. Shoes were on a major sale and so we got their shoes/dresses combined for around $55/each. I also got my ceremony Cinderella heels/dancing shoes! My mom is AM-AZ-ING when it comes to shopping!

With the wedding becoming reality the prepping has begun! Hair, skin, nails, body, mind, etc. I want to feel beautiful and most importantly, COMFORTABLE on the big day. So here's to eating right, working out and all around taking care of myself for the big day and for my ability to enjoy the day without worrying about how I look from what angle!

I'm SUCH a planner, always have been. It's no surprise to me I have a binder filled with my details and my bridesmaid dresses already bought. I am the type that has to have everything written out and decided on so I can enjoy the process. It helps me stay sane and not to get too stressed out. You only get married once and it's overwhelming but it's also an exciting time and you have to remember getting stressed will NOT help. It's a once in a lifetime event so sit back and enjoy the planning process!

More details to come.


  1. Yayayay! Cannot wait to hear more!

  2. So cute Brandi! I'm not sure if you know about this or not, but theknot.com is a great place that I think you'd like. They have many different ideas for everything and like your "Binder" they have an online one where you can also pic out your favorites and then post which ones you've picked... Just something to check into ;)

  3. Brandi! This is the first time I read your blog and it is awesome! I love being able to get all the details of the wedding. I can't wait! It sounds like it's going to be a beautiful day! YAY!!!!

  4. Awesome plans, Brandi! So cool you are including Matt in the whole thing, instead of it just being about you, like so many brides do. Love hearing about it and from one planner to another, I totally get the calming effect of having things planned out!

    Keep on blogging, I love it!