Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"The Notebook" Inspired Engagement Photos

Soooo there aren't many hopeless romantics out there that don't love the movie, The Notebook. I personally love the book way better but the movie is cute too! Ryan Goesling is just soo adorable in this movie (I heart boys who are a little rugged). I also love this time period! I want to learn how to do vintage hairstyles (bucket listing it!)  Anyways, when I came across these engagement pictures from Blushing Bride Studio I was like what a GREAT idea! I am constantly trying to think of props or themes for Matthew and I to do when our engagement photos roll around. Although our favorite movies are Toy Story and Beauty and the Beast soooo doing a movie theme would be interesting. Maybe we will, maybe we wont. My mind is rolling already if we did one of those...hahaha!

Moving on, the bride states as to why they chose this theme:

We chose the movie The Notebook as inspiration for our engagement photo shoot for a few reasons. For one, Jean-Nicola’s late grandparents had Alzheimer’s disease and this movie touched close to home. Also, the chemistry of the young lovers in the movie was intense! And the era is very alluring to us- the fashion and way of life. We hope that our love endures all that life will throw at us, much like Noah and Allie. Oh, and we always fall asleep hand in hand (reference to the end of the movie)…

How awesome is it that the bride LOOKS like Rachel McAdams (jeal). Enjoy Sparklers!



riskay! love!

If you're a bird, I'm a bird....: )


What did you think? Isn't it just to die for?! Now I want to go home and watch this with my backwoods boy.

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  1. A friend emailed these to me a few days ago, and I am so in love!! That girl is a dead wringer for Rachael McAdams...these photos couldn't be more amazing if they tried!