Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Substitute Series: Bridal Bouquets

I want to make it clear when I post my Substitute Series it is not to say that this is better than that or if you are/have been married that what you chose was incorrect. This is simply just showing various options that can be done. No two people are identical and neither are tastes in clothes, food, books, weddings, etc. This is made for fun so just sit back and enjoy!

Happy Thursday and Jerzday Sparklers! I am very excited to share with you the 2nd substitute to the series! I hope it's a treat for you to view like it was for me to put together! Don't get me wrong, I love regular flowers but again, I just want to show you different options. In reality, the ones I've put together are not even the beginning of what you can use as a bridal bouquet - the possibilities for bouquets are endless! I literally had to stop myself from googling!

 I am in love with this paper bouquet! Kudos to the bride for the colors and technique! It's paper and it's stunning! There are so many paper textures and designs to choose from in this world!


 A fabric silk bouquet. Who knew right? Good ol' google. I also think this one is very very pretty!


A brooch bouquet! Makes me wanna go dig in my granny's jewlery box! They say some have weighed up to 7lbs! (me as a baby). "For the body-builder bride" ; )

I LOVE this and totally will rock it! So enchanting in my mind AND I love her dress. (sorry for the lettering/numbers in the middle - not any (on google) bride rocked a lantern...)

 I literally own about 400 mason jars and you can bet your bottom dollar I love this idea.  

Yes, those are Christmas ornaments. I'm not particularly in love with this certain one but think of all the possibilities. There are umpteen bajillion ornaments out there. Love! Especially for a winter/new year's wedding!

I LOVE this! A pinwheel bouquet; this just shouts fun! 

A bead bouquet! time consuming but has total possibility to be absolutely stunning!!

Feather bouquet. This one reminds me of the feather duster on Beauty and the Beast which actually makes me like it more...

 BUTTON BOUQUET! I love the word button (ever since I was told I have a button nose) I think this is a super neat idear! No, that is not a typo...
                                                            and a more playful one...

                     A shell bouquet: for the beach bride. Kinda scary looking it'll bite.

                                         A felt bouquet! I think this idea is just darling!!

A butterfly bouquet! I feel as though I'm not innocent enough in personality to have a butterfly bouquet but it's adorbs.

What bridal bouquet would you choose? I choose lantern : )

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