Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In Honor of Achievement Days...

Achievement Days is going on. Did you think I'd forget? Didn't think so. This wedding is the closest I could find to being what our current and past 4-Hers would view as "Achievement Days"!

Are you starting to see why I love non-traditional weddings? Break the rules! Throw away the typical "tulle and Christmas lights" and find something more "you" as a couple! Here's some perfect advice from this Achievement Days Bride:
What would you tell brides preparing for their big day? Do it how you want it. Break traditions if you want to (really, who likes cake anyway, and does anyone really eat the top layer a year later?) Seriously…work out what is most important to YOU! Other peoples opinions (and they will have them) in the end don’t matter. If it’s what you want then go for it! Get a fantastic photographer, even if it means skimping on something else! Your photos are going to be what you rely on to remember your day! And the night before…RELAX! Forget about the food and the weather, they are going to happen with or without you stressing over it!

The 3 things Add a Little Sparkle loves most about this union:
  • The hanging cotton candy.
  • The hay seating. (!)
  • The "thrown together" country look of the floral centerpieces!

 Now get off my blog and head into town to enjoy Achievement Days!!

(Clever Clovers 4-H club for life!)

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