Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Substitute Series: Cake

I want to make it clear when I post my Substitute Series it is not to say that this is better than that or if you are/have been married that what you chose was incorrect. This is simply just showing various options that can be done. No two people are identical and neither are tastes in clothes, food, books, weddings, etc. This is made for fun so just sit back and enjoy!

The first alternative of the Substitute Series that Add a Little Sparkle is featuring is cake. Hence, the title. Cake is an age old wedding tradition that dates back to the 17th century (I did my homework). I’m glad the tradition of sleeping with cake under your pillow and breaking the cake over the bride’s head is over! Although, that would make for great entertainment as a guest. Anyways, the cake tradition still continued even after those silly things faded away but I have always loved the thought of drifting astray from tradition so I came up with some cray-cray substitutes for typical wedding cake. Enjoy Sparklers!

Of course I am going to start with a cupcake tower! Still somewhat traditional yet totally adorbs and you don't have to worry about all cutting all those dang pieces! I am in love with this shade of blue lately! What shall we call it?

Next up, we have a cheese cake. No, not cheesecake. A literal cake made entirely of cheese! Can you say adorable little cottage wedding?
"Are you a Ritz or a Club? Sorry.. I just gotta know.. p.s: you had me from hello." - who knows! hahaha.

These mini-pies are so cute I could just squeeze them! I don't like pie but they are to-die-for sweet and can double as favors!

If I did eat pie these pies on a stick would be the ones to get me to indulge! I can't even express how much I love these! Americana wedding anyone?

For the child in all of us! The rice krispies cake! Haha! Totally gushing over the plush heart topper.

My mom packed a swiss cake roll in my lunch pale everyday as a kid. They will always have a special place in my heart, stomach, and thighs. What a perfect alternative for my fellow Little Debbie lovers. 

Do NOT call me crazy but I actually love this idea! The donuts double as a centerpiece and a dessert. How can you go wrong with that? Am I the only one that thinks this is totally lovable?! Look at the old school milk glasses! Ahh!!

Can you said rustic fair/carnival themed wedding? I am dying over here. LOVE!

A cookie buffet. They had this one totally set up magnificently. This idea is great. "Cookies for the road..."

I had to post 2 candy buffets. The one right below is so baby Jesus gorgeous!! Anything with bunting I am sold on! And talk about having a sugar high for months...
I also liked the L-O-V-E bowls on the 2nd candy buffet.

Ahh, good ol' fondue. This is a very unique idea. I would love to attend a wedding with chocolate fondue! Who's going to be the one to do it??

Baby loaves of bread (think of the flavor possibilities...endless!). These are exceptional in my opinion. "What are you doing Brandi?" -- "Oh just rocking my baby bread." (I hope you're laughing). Really though, these are an excellent idea.

What substitute would I choose for Matthew and my wedding? Definitely the donut holes in the adorable little fair-looking treat bag (which is a look to be crazy about!) I do love pie on a stick too...

What substitute would you choose? I love hearing your feedback!

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  1. i would have it all!! i love all of this!! especially the little debbie snack cake!! yum.