Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Substitute Series: Boutonnieres

I want to make it clear when I post my Substitute Series it is not to say that this is better than that or if you are/have been married that what you chose was incorrect. This is simply just showing various options that can be done. No two people are identical and neither are tastes in clothes, food, books, weddings, etc. This is made for fun so just sit back and enjoy!

Let's hear it for the boys! This was SO fun to put together. I was seriously googling the funniest stuff. [side note: I heart google.] I finally learned how to spell boutonniere also. It's a word you have to study or else you're like "boot-in-ear?" : )
Enjoy these because most are so silly but so fun!! I like fun. Do you like fun? I'm not sure if many do because we always ALWAYS stay the safe route and pick FLORAL. Lets shake these so-called weddings up and do a popcorn boot-in-ear or something okay?! : )

I am so SAD I could not find a sombrero boutonniere for the life of me! {insert mental picture of adorable sombrero boutonniere here}

for the poke-hair play-hair.

PINE CONEZZZ! (saying this w/ a lisp like the sloth on ice Age!) hehehe.

This one is kinda cool for the musically inclined. Maybe I should wear a trumpet??

This lil' ice cream cone is so adorable! Think of all the themes.."50's diner, Sweet Carnival, etc.." Kind reminds me of Katy Perry.

CUUUUTE!!! An adorable lil' bird! hahaha, omg so presh.

This one reminds me of my Grammy! Haha, she had a slot machine in her house and this old fridge magnet that was kinda of like this. You could pull the handle and it would spin like crazy.

croquet anyone?! hahahaha!

I have to admit...these are my favorite. What adorable little plush hearts! :)

LOL! I was debating on showing my fiance this one. He surprisingly didn't like it. I guess we'll stick w/ our original plan of a boutonniere I didn't post :) sorry guys!



Oh, i love this one too! Pinwheels are so fun!

The kites are very cute and unique. I wonder if there was a story behind them meeting or their first date or their engagement that was the reasoning behind the kites! or maybe there was none at all and they just like kites!

A sushi boutonniere is just kinda funny I think. :) Although, I don't like sushi it's still funny.

What do you prefer!?!?

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