Thursday, August 11, 2011

Let's Play The Miss America Game...k?

So, we hit 1,500 viewers in less than 3 weeks. I just checked it and we're at 1,546 actually! We were at 1,443 starting yesterday. That's unbelievable! When I was thinking of creating a blog I thought to myself no one will read or view my posts. I didn't think it was because I boring because I certainly wouldn't consider myself boring by any means because my life is ALWAYS (I mean always) full of moments where I stop and think "I should have my own reality tv series...." REAL drama, heartache, LOTS of laughs (loud loud laughs) and many "what the hell just happened?" moments. Thank you guys so much for following along (and perhaps being future viewers on my reality tv show? =] )

When I went to South Dakota State my friends and I partied more than we studied to say the least. Hence, why I'm still in school. Anyways, my friends and I played what we have now pegged, "The Miss America Game" - it was great! It was called the Miss America Game because we'd ask each other "on-stage questions" we'd literally have the best time doing nothing but ask eachother questions. Ex: "If you HAD to choose between a heart, a brain or courage what would you choose and why?" ...

Anyways, I wanted to incorporate my favorite game (I do love Disney Apples to Apples too though!) into my first giveway! The instructions are fairly simple. Unfortunately for you the giveway is not a car (I know I'm a lot like Oprah but not quite as rich! and I'm pastey white!) but I hope you'll enjoy it none the less!

All you have to do is Facebook message or email me at or at  with the answers to these questions. I want to get to know my Sparklers like they're getting to know me! All must be in complete sentences because I like to pretend I'm a beauty pageant judge : )  The most unique explanations and answers will win! The contest ends Friday, August 12th at 5 pm. My panel of judges and I look forward to hearing from you!

1) Your favorite color?
2) Your favorite movie?
3) Your favorite Disney character?
4) Your 3 favorite things about Add a Little Sparkle?
5) If you HAD to choose between a heart, a brain or courage what would you choose and why?
6) If you could have dinner with anyone FAMOUS in the world (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
7) If you could only bring 3 things on a deserted island and one person (you actually know) what and who would you bring? (a fully loaded RV doesn't count)

Thanks Sparklers for all your love and support! This is for YOU!

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