Wednesday, August 17, 2011



Do you realize how much I had to beg Matt to let me put my treadmill in the house? ‘Twas previously chillin’ the with mice in the garage – YUM. After bribing and pouting for an embarrassingly long period of time last night Matt and Jimmy D carried my treadmill to the house. So there it sits plain as day in the entry way – a definite eyesore! Matt was trying to tell me to put it in my GORGEOUS pink walk-in closet. Dream on, mister matt! The entryway isn’t ideal but it’ll have to do!

Anyways, long story short I put up a fight w/ my infamous temper tantrums that have been on going since I was a tot! Only this time I’ve learned that peeing on the kitchen floor every time I got mad was not the best solution to getting what I want (sorry mom!). SOOO, since I put up such a fight to get what I want I suppose I better go balls to the walls. For readers that have been following along from the beginning you know that reaching my goal weight is on my bucket list because what’s better than feeling and looking great?! I have a wedding to get gorgeous for! So bucket list AND our wedding. That’s a double whammy in the game of needing to drop some L-Bs. Here’s my public announcement that my ars will be on the treadmill every single day walking FIVE miles per day. Wish me luck Sparklers!! I know I can do it!!


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  1. You got it girl, you know I am behind you every STEP of the way! :)