Thursday, July 21, 2011

Succulent Spanish Sweetness

This Spanish inspired wedding shoot done by This Modern Romance photographed at the feature at the Star Ranch in Corona, CA. This shoot is simply stunning! I absolutely adore succulents and thought this shoot wasn’t too “theme-y”. The colour palette was perfect with peachy blush pinks, soft oranges and SUCCULENT green. (succulent, succulent, succulent – there! Maybe succulent is out of my system…. How perfect would succulent be for a swear word? – Just saying! Sweet Mother of Succulents! (perhaps saying this after stubbing your toe? See you think it works too!)

Anyways! How perfect would a margarita bar complete this wedding? I wonder what their margarita cupcakes tasted like because I have never heard of such a cupcake flavor! I'd pass on the cupcake for the fish bowl size margarita.

I am detailed oriented and am smitten by bouquet, the dress, the invites – I love it all actually. How adorable are the turquoise rustic shutter doors used at the cake table?! Anyways - Enjoy!

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  1. succulent margaritas....delightful..... this is great!