Thursday, July 28, 2011

DIY Menu Wheel

Yesterday I came across the "menu wheel" in the honey bee wedding. I wanted to learn how to make it so I did a little research and found this little guy. Remember: you can use any color you want or for an easier wheel simply use circles with different patterns. If you find you have too many guests you could make one per table instead. Enjoy!

Supplies: colored craft paper, screwposts, ruler, scissors, screw punch, pinking shears (if desired), pencil & eraser, glue stick, cutting mat, craft knife, and compass.

1. Begin by measuring the plates you’ll be using at your event (determined this wheel should be about 8 inches wide to fit nicely in the center of dinner plates). Using a compass trace a circle, mark the center, and cut out. Then, using a screw punch, punch out the center with a hole large enough to fit your screwposts.

2. Next trace and cut out your secondary circle. This circle will have the window which reveals each portion of the menu. Cut out two holes with a craft knife, one for the title (‘appetizers,’ ‘dinner,’ etc.) and one for the menu items. To determine these sizes print out your menu text and measure the area. Be sure to measure the largest/longest groups of words so that the holes. don’t cover up any writing as it spins.

3. Print out your menu items on the same colored paper as you’re using for the backing circle and glue evenly around the paper. Note: You could also print the items directly on the back circle but from experience this can be frustrating if you don’t have everything perfectly lined up.

4. Put together and tah-dah! done!

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