Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Little Bit About Brandi

Recently I decided I needed an emotional and creative outlet to help me express myself. What better way than a blog that I can design and make my own? For the name, I knew I wanted something that represented "me". My step-mom came up with a list of names that were good and absolutely hilarious! I knew from the list I HAD TO have "Add a Little Sparkle" - for those that know me basically know everything in my life fits better with a dash of glitz. As for the colour palette, who doesnt love a light blush shade of pink mixed with a dash of gray and light lavender? Oh lavender, what a pretty word (hehe).

& so "Add a Little Sparkle" has been born and will continue to flourish as I have decided to pursue an education/blog (and eventually career) as an event/wedding planner. I am currently enrolled in Mount Marty College for Business and will continue my education there as well as doing an online event/wedding planning school program.  I will get to work at my own pace on this program as I work, go to Mount Marty, plan a wedding (yay!), do the event/wedding program and try to stay sane - (somebody get me a caffeine IV stat!).

Why would I pursue this career in Small Town, USA? Because the average person works 90,000+ hours in their lifetime. Why wouldn't I do something I am passionate about? If it doesn't work out, I move on - right? Right.

I will be using this blog for personal therapy for my own thoughts and feelings. Also, for posting numerous DYI projects and wedding details as well as full weddings. I would appreciate only sweet and sugar-coated comments. Thanks!

Please enjoy & of course, with everything in life, "Add a Little Sparkle"

(more on Brandi to come...)

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