Friday, July 22, 2011

Mom's Maine Inspired Wedding

I decided to design a wedding in honor of my Mother's birthday! From looking at these pictures you'd think my mom was nautical and preppy - which is the farthest thing from what she is! She's like me.."glitz, glam, bling." She was born in Caribou, Maine though and so since it is her birthday and Maine is her birthplace I thought it would be cool to make a "Maine/Lobster" inspired wedding! Do you know NOT that many people have lobster-y inspired weddings? Well, they don't so coming up with pictures was quite the task! What should I call this one? I really do prefer "theme" names. I think it helps pull the vision together and makes it kind of fun. Lobster Land? Lobsters in Maine with Mom? haha! Lobster Land...

I love the little ice cream cups with the personalized wooden spoons!

Lobster suckers! Yum? : )

I secretly love the "picnic" design. Something so American about it - goes great with the Lobster Land idea (hehe). Again, with the wooden cutlery.

 Painted horseshoes - what a great way of entertaining guests while pictures are taken, cocktail hour, or
whenever throughout the night!

OH. MY. GOSH. How clever are these lobster bib save the dates? How unique! I especially like the ring-bearers nautical little outfits.

Poppy's are making a come-back! Poppy's are beautiful (I think) and are the national "rememberance" flower for war veterans who have lost their lives. I thought this was perfect for our families military background. (esp. my mother who was born and raised moving from base to base) Yes, usually everything I do has some sort of meaning behind it (most times I'm the only one to notice).

There we see it again! That dang picnic fabric I love! & a blueberry pie for dessert.

You want a Lobster Land wedding now don't you?  : )

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