Thursday, July 21, 2011

Glamping at Paws Up Resort

“Glamping” (glamorous camping) was a phrase I HAD TO steal when I came across Paws Up Resort in Greenough, Montana. I love the outdoors but my idea of camping is in an air-conditioned camper the size of a trailer house away from blood thirsty mosquitoes and the blazing sun! My fiancé’s idea of camping is a sleeping bag thrown on the ground without a thought to bring bug repellant or sunscreen. What a compromise Paws Up has to offer! This resort is a luxurious vacation spot spread over 37,000 acres made for family vacations, company retreats, honeymoons, etc. I am absolutely love-struck with the serenity and beauty this resort offers. My fiancé saw the booklet information I had requested from the resort and he’s like, “We should go here for our honeymoon!!” – I was like, “Duh sweetie!”

Here’s the following link to the resort so you can look around and request information too and go GLAMPING!

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