Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Love: "Superhero Strong"

Today I am so pumped to share with you this Superhero wedding! I am doing this in recognition of my Uncle Kerry's birthday! (I won't tell everyone how old you are) - My uncle Kerry is a comic fanatic (kinda like my Disney obsession). When I saw this wedding I thought of him right away and I was saving it especially for today! Hope your birthday is super duper!

This theme made me say aloud to myself, "I wish I could have gone to this wedding!" How awesome and fun to watch a bride and groom make an entrance kicking down a "brick wall" and having superhero pez dispenzers as favors! I had a blast just looking at the photos - I can't imagine being a guest! I love that this wedding reflects the couples interests. I want to go to weddings and be like, "Wow that was soooo them! How awesome that they threw the 'wedding rules' out the window!" I am asking the wedding world to step/think "outside the box" because look at how awesome it could be when you let go of what others would think and stick true to you!!

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  1. Whoever did this, seriously outdid themselves! I cannot tell you how much I love this...