Monday, July 25, 2011

Disney Dreamboats

I am a Disney fanatic. If there's a word out there beyond fanatic I'm it. I've always tried to explain my love for Disney (some people don't get it). Think of something you really love whether it be Twins baseball, an NFL team, Backstreet Boys, etc... whatever you're completely obsessed with that some people don't understand. Disney is that for me. I am seriously contemplating naming my first girl Disney (not that I'm pregant or want kids soon) but I think it's a beautiful little name and we could call her "Dis". (a lot of people hate this name but I'm like welllll good thing it's not your kid then!) hahaha.

ANYWAYS, when I came across these pictures done by David Kawena I about died laughing. It's like a dirty magazine made especially with Brandi in mind. I thought I would share so your Disney fantasies would come true also. Haha, my favorite would have to be John Smith! (I have a thing for blue eyed blondes). Although, Prince Naveen isn't looking too bad either. OMG and Prince Eric - YUM. Flynn Rider too! Phoebus I have always loved...I have tooo many favorites! What are your favs?

Enjoy these Disney Dreamboats...

Hercules from Hercules

Aladdin from Aladdin

Captain Hook from PeterPan

Flynn Rider/Eugene from Tangled 

Kokoum from Pocahontas 
(should I marry Kokoum? is all my dreaming at an end - this is all I can think of when I hear Kokoum, haha...) 

John Smith from Pocahontas (triple sigh....) 

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast (yuck)


Beast/Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast
(quite the package deal eh? I meant the heart of gold and the good looks...what were you thinking!?)

Sitka from Brother Bear (doesn't he look like the dad in Kindgarten Cop?!)

Emperor Kuzco from Emperor's New Groove

David from Lilo & Stitch

Peter from PeterPan (Zac Efron needs to play this part sometime...)

Phoebus from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
(Matt's Disney character look alike don't you think?)

Thomas from Pocahontas

Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid (his tat hahahaha)

Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog

Shang from Mulan

Tarzan from Tarzan

Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty

Save the best for last right? Yes, I paid money to get my picture taken with the Disney Dreamboats, this isn't photoshopped.

Am I just the coolest person you know right now?


  1. OMKP!!!!
    Flynn looks hot as usual, Pjilip looks quite hot as well, Naveen does too, Eric is mega hot too, Aladin and Hercules are hot-looking and fit as well!!!!

  2. How about Taran from "The Black Cauldron"?
    If Peter Pan's permitted, I think he deserves a go as well... ;-)

  3. Prince Philip is so adrthuivfdsadfrtjkasdfgfdatkfdsadfgkis I LOOOOOOVE HIIIIIIIMMMM!!!! Such a good decision to marry him...