Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wedding Update

Our wedding update is that we are no longer getting married next September. It was an easy decision actually based on what’s best for the needs of our soon-to-be family of 3. It was a hard decision, for me, based on what others would think. Matt has a level head though when it comes to things I get easily get worked up about and vice versa (maybe that’s why we’re soulmates??) and he just said, “don’t worry about what other people think it’s OUR life.” He’s completely right too….damn him ;)  

Anyways, the main and pretty much only reason is because I’m a college student. As a single mother I get more help financially to help pay for school. This may sound like a “pretty shitty” excuse but my child’s future depends on my education and my ability to have a good job. That’s about as simple as that.  

I guess when you become parent’s you see the importance of things in a whole new light. $50 marriage certificate + glitzy wedding or not I love Matthew more than anything and that I can say is the one thing that will never change. I’m so GLAD I have the support of my family, fiancé and friends that all agree that this is the best decision for our future lives together.  

And I will have that dream woodland wedding + kickass Disney bachelorette party someday....for now I’ll just pin about it J

{nude eyes. pink lips.}

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