Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One Year Anniversary of Add a Little Sparkle!

So here we are celebrating the one year anniversary of Add a Little Sparkle! This blog has probably been one of the only things I’ve ever kept up with in my life. I’m the mediocrity extraordinaire remember? Plus, I’m an Aries and we like to rush into ideas only to let them fade fast. Meaning this is a huge accomplishment for brandi_babe35 even if no one reads it!

I originally started this blog to help with the grieving process after losing my friend Thomas. It was a very trying time in my life with friends, family, faith, life, etc. Besides my grandmother, I had never lost someone that close to me nor that suddenly. I was all over the place with my emotions but writing publically helped me immensely. { least it wasn’t crack that helped right?!}

Looking back in those whirlwind emotions, I realize I wrote some blog posts I am not proud of. The main one that comes to mind is this one – the one about not being in my best friend, Adrienne’s, wedding. I was hurt by multiple things and I took it out on someone who was closest to me. I could say I regret posting it but it was a life lesson I’ve learned from and found out who my ride-or-die friends are because of this situation.

Anyways, after about 7 months of not speaking, I just called Adrienne and we talked for 2 hours like we had never hurt one another. Now we’re closer than ever. Some people don’t understand and probably think I’m a “back and forth friend” because I talked a lot of shit! Haha! At least I’m honest about the shit talking though which is something not a lot of people will admit! And don’t worry, Adrienne knows and understands all the mean stuff I said was just out of sadness and spite! I thank God for bringing her back into my life because she’s truly one of the greatest friends.

And for all of you who have taken time over the year to send me texts, call me, Facebook message me, etc. after a blog post that touched you or hit the funny bone: I thank you! You truly have kept me going and helped me through the hardest time in my life without even knowing it. Matt and I {and several others who loved Thomas} are still grieving and I know Matt has appreciated the support that I’ve received through Add a Little Sparkle.

To those of you who took the time over the year to send rude anonymous comments, didn’t understand or weren’t there for me during the grieving process or the Adrienne situation: I forgive you but I still no longer want to be your friend. J

Damn, that feels so good to say!! For a long time, I haven’t really posted how I felt because I felt a little bit of hidden judgment from “friends.” Meaning, I felt as though some thought I was sharing too much. Which, might just be a figment of my imagination – but I doubt it. I’ve finally learned to just say SCREW it because I’m not going to live life stepping on egg shells so a few people will be satisfied I kept my mouth shut.

Anyways, I’m SO proud of my blog – I love the design and I am happy to say I feel it’s one of the things that brought me back to being me. I hope I keep it up for another year!

So here's a reflection of my MISADVENTURES from throughout the year:

+ Being a Beachbody Coach and then deciding it wasn’t for me. {ovvvvvvvver it!}

+ Saying I wanted to open a party planning business and then not. {I love helping others but so far I just help people for free! J}

+ Dressing like a carebear/being the drunkest most dysfunctional a-hole for my BFF’s going away party. {lost a diamond in my ring too}

+ Wearing a diaper to the Miranda Lambert concert so I wouldn’t have to move from the front row {shaking head}

+ Admitted I gained 100 lbs and SHOCKINGLY am self-conscience of it. {ha}

+ Attending Career Step online for Medical Transcriptioning {I have until March to finish anddddd I’m like not even ¼ done…..fml}

+ Told all sorts of “details” about our wedding + asked our bridesmaids and now we’re not even getting married for like 2 years! Haha! Starting from scratch including the wedding party.

+ And the greatest misadventure/blessing of the year: making a baby
 with Matt {puking 6 months straight, almost getting fired from my job, having surgery while 23 weeks preggers and becoming disgusted with the red stretch marks growing around my belly button and my giant milk boobs.} 

WHEW! What a year…….who’s ready for another!??!

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