Sunday, July 22, 2012

Finances: Part 2


It’s not that I was raised with bad financial examples. My parents are excellent with their money and provided a cushy lifestyle for my brother and me growing up. They’ve worked hard for every dollar they’ve ever earned and don’t have a single loan payment. They’ve always been firm believers in saving up and paying cash.

This is where I missed something in all of their wonderful examples, long lectures and supper discussions about money and my future. I didn’t listen when it came to the importance of saving. If I had any amount of $ you bet your sweet ass I was spending it on random, useless junk! I can’t think of one good thing I’ve spent my money on from back in my late high school/early college years. {Unless you count rum}. And, of course, I didn’t save a dime.

All this not saving and mindless spending brought me to my lowest financial point probably about 3-4 years ago. I was so broke I had to pay for tampons and gas with change I had scrounged from every possible nook and cranny. I waited until late at night to run to the gas station because I was so embarrassed. I remember dumping my $10 worth of change on the counter and apologizing to the cashier. She just smiled as she separated the coins and told me she had been where I was a few times in my life and it will get better.

This is where I slap myself for not listening to my parents. As I get older the more I realize how right they are! It’s so frustrating that I chose to figure it out for myself. Although, in life I believe everyone has to figure out hardships for themselves. For some, it’s finances they make terrible decisions about, for others it’s bad relationships - whether it be with false friends or the wrong spouse, etc. If you’re as lucky as me you were bad in the past with finances AND relationships AND a bunch of other random junk. Go us!

***A piece of advice coming from an experienced loud mouth, you should NOT- repeat - NOT say a word about someone else’s life decisions because they will get upset with you. So just nod and be supportive of their financial stupidity/crumbling relationships/whatever they are doing that’s dumb and just let them ride it out. Live and learn, if you will.

Anyways, I’m getting off track like a high school history teacher. Where was I? Ah! Not saving a dime of anything I’ve earned my entire adolescent life. I think when I left for college I was accustomed to a certain lifestyle and I had never had to save money or watch what I spent. Mom and dad made it cushy and I didn’t listen to a word they said about saving remember?

But suddenly 5 years rolls by and there I was 8 positive pregnancy tests later with still, no money saved up. Yup, pass the dunce cap and put me in the corner. So after the initial shock/excitement/etc. wore off I started to get frantic and began panicking about finances.

This is where my Pinterest, Google and Dave Ramsey obsession began…

To be continued…again…

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