Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Blog Design: HELLA SPARKLE

Yay! My blog is almost completely done being designed. I swear everyone thought I was yankin’ their chain saying that my blog was in the process of being designed! Well, I had a couple mind changes in the process and drove Dionne from Studio Chic Design crazy! She was a good sport though and so far has delivered this pregnant princess her dream blog design. I literally couldn’t have even dreamt up something this awesome. Thank you Dionne!

My aunt Amy from Diary of a Smarty Pants, was sooo unbelievably generous to willingly offer to have my blog designed professionally! She’s a spitfire lady from good ol’ Kentucky who shares my love of Sephora and BOOZE. Go check out her blog if you need a good sarcastic laugh. The Carpenter's are always a good family to turn to when you need a good laugh. J

Thank you Amy! I love you soooo much.

I can't wait until it's completely done! Anyways, what do you guys think? Love it so far or LOVE IT so far?! J

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