Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How we told our Mother's we are preggers.

{pins custom made by Buttonit on Etsy}

Well, if you haven't noticed my Facebook page or the title to this blog entry....Matthew and I are expecting our first baby. "Hammy" as I like to call them. I liked the name Hamilton so I could call them, "my little hammy" but Matt shot that down like it was a tirty point buck.

So there we were 7 home pregnancy tests and a clinic visit later confirming we were pregnant. After the doctor's, "everything happens for a reason - it's all God's plan" pep-talk and the panic settled I got excited and wanted to think of a fun way to tell our parents.

When my "Grammy Ratliff" was alive she always and I do mean always wore a 'Grandma' pin. Missing her is a whole other bajillion blog posts. Anyways, I found these adorable pins on etsy and immediately had the owner custom make one for each of our mom's. (It's my mom's first grandbaby so I wanted it to be extra special and memorable for her).

"Mimi" for Matt's mom because her only grandson calls her that already.

"Grammy" for my mom because that's what we always called my grandma.

"Grandma" for my step-mom because I knew she wouldn't like "mee-maw" (my dad is a thorough bred Kentucky native ya'll)

Anyways, my Grandma's birthday is March 2nd and usually my mom and I get together and do something every year (like eat her favorite food - nachos). We had it all planned and bringing a gift bag didn't seem odd either since I usually buy her a cross with a verse or an angel for her on my Grammy's birthday. I had to mail my step-mom's and I told Matt's mom it was a get-well present.

I wrote them all 3 a card being discreet and just telling them how grateful I was God has brought them into my life and how someday I hope to be as great of mother's they have been. Here's what I wrote in my Mom's:

Happy Birthday to Grammy!!

I know you miss her. I miss her too. Sometimes it still doesn't feel that long ago we were visiting or spending holidays together. She was truly the epitome of magnificent. She was a beautiful person and an even better Grammy. I can't wait until the day my babies are your grandbabies. After all, I will have learned to be the best mother because of you and I know you will someday be the best Grammy because of Grandma. You are my rock. I love you more than anything Ma! Now, let's celebrate Grammy's birthday the way she'd want us to. NACHOS!!!!!!!!!


She never suspected that the present would be a 'Grammy TO BE' pin. She was like, "REALLY?!" and my step-dad says, "It's a grandma pin isn't it!?" and my brother jumped up to see it and the rest is basically history. I swear my mom was on the Kohl's website faster than I could say baby. She's ready to go all out ;)

So supposedly I'm due 10-11-12 and I'm literally worried constantly. Maybe it's a pregnant lady thing? I just can't stop thinking miscarriage or birth defect. I'm such a worry wart as it is and I feel as though motherhood may age me! Please pray for my baby's health and my stress free peace!

God Bless everyone and thank you so much for the joyful comments, texts, phone calls, etc.

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