Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Career Step with Career Step

This is literally a career step with Career Step. Cheesy but true.

How did I come across Career Step?

Well, as many of my friends and family know I’ve been battling choosing a college major for the last 5 years (becoming Van Wilder status soon). This past Christmas break really made me anxious. I knew I hated my college major and wouldn’t want to do anything in that field. I felt as though I was continuously wasting my parent’s money if I kept going for something I hated. It was really starting to take a toll on me – I literally couldn’t sleep most nights.  

Anyways, I was on my way to work one day and on the radio it announced a work-at-home Medical Transcriptioning seminar would be at the Ramkota that night. I decided right then it wouldn’t hurt just to go. The following week was school and I’d spent the entire weekend in tears with Matt about what I should do regarding college. So at that moment pooper scooper with the circus sounded appealing!

So I went. . .

& obviously loved it. . .

I really did!! I left in tears so RELIEVED that I had finally found what I wanted to do. Although, I know no little girl grows up replying to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” with “a medical transcriptionist!” I was excited to be pursuing something I would like! (My answer to the question when I was little was, “a Miss America waitress” – I remember thinking they were both soo glamorous when I was little. Haha!)

So here I am! A couple months after that seminar and ready to begin! The entire course usually takes 4 months when you work on it full time so I will be spending the rest of the spring/summer swimming in my pool and studying/testing to complete it all before my little Hammy Lenzen pops out and takes over!  

For those wondering {my MOM(s) & DAD(s)} I do want to get my Bachelor’s degree someday but for right now I just feel like it’s not for me. I need to maybe discover more likes/dislikes and pursue something I really care about. Who knows though! Maybe working from home and doing Medical Transcriptioning is something that will fit my lifestyle of being a mother (milf - if you will), wife and friend and I will never want to leave. I try not to plan out my future too far anymore because I’ve never ended up where I thought I’d be! Which is NOT a bad thing – just a different thing! Never expected to live in GC, fall in love with Matt and get preggers before I was married, etc. Hehe!

Rolling with the flow for now so wish me luck!

Fun Fact that really is just random: **My mother was also a Medical Transcriptionist along with my Aunt Amy (the one who paid for this freakin’ sweet blog!) so it runs in the fam dam! So does sarcasm and good looks ;)**

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