Thursday, November 24, 2011

20 things I'm thankful for or whatever.

I compiled a list of 20 things I am thankful for in my life because after all, it’s Thanksgiving!

Brandi is thankful for:

Add a Little Sparkle readers – you guys really inspire me to keep writing and to fulfill my dream of writing a book.

A hunter green steel roof over my head – I always hated hunter green roofs and swore to Matt up and down we’d never own a house with one. What do ya know? I buy a house with a green roof. I love I have a place to call my own and a place tolive! It’s pretty great!

I am thankful for my wonderful job! If I had it my way I’d be staying at home staring at the wall every day but I work with great people and for a great company so it makes it better! I don’t like money and I don’t like working but money pays bills and bills pay the places and things I need like a home, car, food, clothing, etc.

I’m thankful I was never a pioneer woman. I never would have made it on the Oregon Trail, I’m helpless!

On top of being thankful I was never born a pioneer woman I am especially thankful I wasn’t a pioneer woman who was stuck in the mountains with the Donner-Reed party.

Thankful for the refreshing feeling of drinking ice water (complete with straw)seriously…there’s nothing better! Well, some things…but still, I love the feeling!

Vaseline – I seriously love their products. I put them on my hands, feet, lips and makes my skin go from alligatory (totally made that word up) to velvety!

Matt. For some odd reason he thinks I’m unconditionally lovable. He loves me through the moody bite-your-head off episodes I tend to have (often) and definitely through the good and bad. He’s the greatest person ever!! He is loved by all children, animals (minus possum they don't like anyone), the elderly, and those with special needs. They cling to him and it’s adorable because I feel they are the kind of people who know a good heart when they see one!! I’m just obsessed and smitten with this blonde-haired blue-eyed beaut!

My beautifully-crazy-insanely-hysterically funny family. They keep me grounded and remind me to laugh off the small things.

My niece and nephew (and soon-to-be niece or nephew! – still baking in the oven)! Kids, I feel, just have such a simple and funny way of viewing things and ya can’t help but laugh sometimes.

My close friends - the tried and true, man. Thick and thin – sister soul mates!

This this song because otherwise I’d not be the named what I am and lets face it – I’m totally a Brandi.

The rooster or the“nasty little devil” (whom loved to torture me) died a tragic (& hopefully slow and painful) death.

I haven’t gotten in a wreck – fingers crossed – yet this year. We’ve only had snow for 6 days but still.

Captain Morgan.

All the time and memories with Thomas I can reflect on from here until forever. For all my loved ones lost actually.

I’m not in a wheelchair, not blind, deaf, etc.

Disney - movies, slippers, blankies, clothing, etc. Everything!! Who would Brandi Carpenter be today without Disney? It's a very logical question.

Black Friday - Me and Mom's favorite holiday. I think it may be equivalent to that of a rush a sky-diver gets or a perhaps the need a crack addict needs to fill. I've never been on crack or tried sky-diving but still...

Baby Jesus - for furburger sure. (Just realized I'm probably
the only person to have used Jesus and furburger in the same sentence.)

RIP Turkey. No, seriously, he was killed Wednesday night by an owl. Look for the obit in the Clark Courier. Laid to rest in the Lenzen Animal Graveyard.

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