Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

best fishes on your birthday! love you!

To the love of my life on your birthday,

Where to even begin? I guess I could start by saying, “Happy Birthday Sugar Dumpling Apple Custard Gravy Sparkle Tootsie Roll Sugar Buns!” I can’t believe how much has changed since you turned 23 - a new house, our engagement, Thomas’ passing, my grandpa’s passing, new job, etc. It’s been such a rollercoaster of a year.

I don’t know if I ever told you this but do you remember that study hall we had together like my sophomore or junior year? I clearly remember being bored out of my mind and that’s when I was big into the game, “20 questions” and I was thinking to myself, “Do you think I’ve already met the person I’m going to marry?” I looked around the room. “Ugh…Clark. I definitely haven’t met my match.”

And now look at us. If you would have told me that years ago I would have told you to shut the hell up. It makes my heart smile and I’m so glad because you’re the greatest person on the planet! I’ve never ever loved anything more. No words could express my gratitude and love I have for you.

This day is celebratory for me too ya know! What if you had never been born? I’d still be wandering around wondering if soul mates existed, pondering if I was just compatible with several people and then would just settle for my best match. You have proven that ol’ theory of mine wrong. Soul mates do exist and I’m so happy our souls are mates. J

I love that with time our love ripens. How most relationships the giddiness is in the beginning and then slowly fades out. That our love and our obsession with one another just progressively grows daily. That’s the one thing I most look forward to is the matured love we’ll have years from now. Hopefully my heart doesn’t burst J

I know today will be kind of hard thinking that just a year ago we were all sitting around at your mom’s kitchen table drinkin’ beer and reminiscing about old times together. Sometimes it feels just like yesterday doesn’t it? Just know Thomas loved you so much and he’s with us in spirit observing from above. He’d want you to enjoy your day. Let’s toast to him – he’d want us to be in high spirits.

Thank you for everything – the unconditional love and for always laughing when I dance around the living room in my pj’s. Thank you for always making sure my needs and wants are taken care of and considering me in every major decision. Thank you for always listening and letting me know you think I’m the most beautiful girl just by the way you look at me. Most importantly, thank you for being you…I love you so much. You’ve made my entire life worth living. Happy Birthday Baby.

With All my Love,


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